Born and raised on Long Island, Charles Williams started his police career in 1985 at the New York City Police Academy assigned to Housing. After a 3-year stint in the South Bronx he came to Cornwall in 1988. After being a patrolman and sergeant for the Town of Cornwall Police 1988-1991 he trans­ferred to the Village Police in 1991 as a patrolman, promoted to sergeant in 1995, and then Chief of Police in 2001. Charles Williams has been teaching "Introduction to Criminal Justice", a senior only elective, at New York Military Academy in Cornwall since 2003. In 2009 Charles retired from police work and accepted a position at the New York Military Academy. In addition to all this, and his family, which includes three lovely daughters, Chief Williams is a strong advocate of forgiveness, both on a personal and professional level. Like NYPD Detective Steven McDonald, he feels forgiveness is cen­tral to breaking all cycles of violence.