Hashim Garrett grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Raised by a single mom who was in an abusive relationship, he changed from a smart, articulate kid into an angry, gun-toting gang member. At age 15, a gang-related shooting left him nearly dead and paralyzed from the waist down. Following the shooting, Hashim was consumed with hate and plans for revenge. However, during his recovery, he realized that only through forgiving the perpetrator could he become free and move on in life. After attending Rutgers University, he taught the Harvard Violence Prevention curriculum. In 2001, Hashim founded his own consulting company, “Wisdom and Understanding,” and became a motivational speaker. He later joined Breaking the Cycle and now speaks regularly in schools sharing his story of non-violent conflict resolution through forgiveness. Hashim and his wife, Mia, live with their two children in New Jersey.