Hashim Garrett is founder and CEO of a consulting company called “Wisdom & Understanding, LLC.”  His passionate message - educating on the causes of conflict and emphasizing the importance of forgiveness as part of the solution - comes from a depth of personal experience.  On May 7, 1990, at 15 years of age, Garrett was shot six times.  This gang-related shooting left him partially paralyzed from the waist down, filled with anger and a desire for revenge.  However, after several months he realized that forgiving the perpetrator was the only power that would free him to move forward positively.


Garrett has not let his paralysis prevent him from leading an active life of remarkable achievements.  He majored in Investment Banking at Rutgers University, and from 1995-2001 was Violence Prevention Coordinator at Kessler Institute, while simultaneously teaching the Harvard Violence Prevention Curriculum developed by Dr. Prothrow-Stith, MD.  In 2001 Garrett founded his own consulting company and also joined Breaking The Cycle as a speaker on non-violence and forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the cornerstone on which his company was founded and he remains committed to sharing its power with the world.  In his own words: “Forgiveness opens the door to your long awaited future, once closed by revenge and regret.”


Garrett lives in New Jersey with his wife, Mia, and their two children, Harmony and Zen.