500 students gathered to hear Christoph Arnold and Stephen McDonald speak on the power of forgiveness. 

The words of Senator Charles Schumer sum up the message of this assembly:

“I am sure you noticed there was no one talking to one another, no one was turning around, a number of the young ladies with tears rolling down their cheeks as they heard your inspiring story. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if every person who was faced with what Steven was faced with, had his reaction?  And I think every one of us should think when much lesser things are done to us, that are nothing compared to what happened to him.  And yet we human beings, being mortal and having all of the strengths and weaknesses God has given us – we react the way we shouldn’t – with anger, hate, and then the violence.  If everyone of us would just try!

Aren’t we all a little bit better now, than we were twenty minutes ago before Steven spoke?  And can you imagine, if everyone had the lessons Pastor Arnold teaches in his books?  I’d like to take Steven’s message to Washington!  We need it there.

Each of us has been given a gift.  A gift far more important than a gift wrapped in a package, a material gift with a ribbon.  We have been given some true knowledge.  And I hope for myself, and I hope and pray for everyone here, that that will make us a better person; each of us a better person as we go forward in life.  Thank you, God bless you.”