The auditorium of George F Baker High School in Tuxedo, NY was filled to capacity with the entire student body and staff. Everyone was focused on the speakers as they related stories from their own lives; experiences the students clearly could relate to.

Christoph Arnold told them of coming to this country as a 14 year old immigrant unable to speak English; of learning about forgiveness through walking with Rev. M. L. King Jr. Charles Williams described being the kid you see in this school walking down the hall with his head down, lonely, angry. Hashim Garrett spoke of the fear of being bullied, fear of his own gang members, fear that drove him to make bad choices.  All three asked the students to have the courage to be the one to stand for the right; be the one to encourage a classmate. It’s easy to kick a kid when he is down! “We are asking you to do the hard thing - reach out a hand to him, talk to him; you might save his life."