An hour and a half passed quickly as students listened attentively to the message of forgiveness.  The questions they asked provide an insight into what they were thinking:
-  Hashim, how did you meet Mr. Arnold?
- Mr. Arnold, what inspired you to meet MLK and Mother Teresa?
- I assume it’s not just you forgive and it’s done, there must be some sort of struggle, is that the case for you and how do you overcome that, does it come in waves?
- Have you ever tried to apologize to the people you offended?
- How do you know that there is actually a God?
- What is your favorite memory with Mother Teresa?
- Regarding the murderers in Newtown and in Columbine – how responsible do you think someone is when they are potentially not stable in the right mental state to begin with – because obviously if you kill that many people they are not in the right mental state and they are not fully aware of what they are doing?