I read my hometown newspaper, The Kingston Daily Freeman every day.  A few days ago when I sat down and read the print version, I was very excited by an Op-Ed by Cal Thomas titled: “The Power of Forgiveness”.  I would encourage everyone to read this well-written piece.

Cal Thomas is right on the money.  What encourages me is that he quotes Martin Luther King Jr.  That was incredibly beautiful.  I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. as a young man. I recounted the story of marching with Dr. King in my book, “Why Forgive?” The theme of forgiveness cannot be stressed enough.  Wherever there is forgiveness, there will be no racial discrimination or other social ills.

Alan Paton, the famous South African writer said, “When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive.”  There also is an important Chinese proverb that says:  “When you seek revenge, dig two graves.” 

If we want to solve our nation’s problems, we need to start with a national debate on forgiveness.  With forgiveness, everybody is a winner, and nobody is a loser.  Let us try out forgiveness and show the world that we live in a country that respects everybody and most of all that loves God.

Johann Christoph Arnold / Speaker, Breaking the Cycle / Author, “Why Forgive?”