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Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Through Forgiveness

Breaking the Cycle presents award-winning assemblies that feature personal stories of overcoming conflict through forgiveness. Our assemblies, whether in-person or live online, support your schools' social-emotional learning goals – and come at no cost to your school, although donations are welcome. Our speakers present examples of core competencies such as  social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making from their own lives, which readily elicit discussion opportunities in the classroom.

"You can't forgive without loving. And I don't mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, 'I forgive. I'm finished with it.'"

—Maya Angelou


Social-emotional learning

A panel of dynamic speakers present solutions to:

  • Counteract school violence, bullying and racism
  • Recognize depression and suicide
  • Promote self-respect and respect for others

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What is Breaking the Cycle?

Let our speakers help your students develop the foundational emotional skills needed to resolve conflict and build healthy relationships in today's challenging social environment.


A Gym Teacher's Response

After watching a Breaking the Cycle assembly on forgiveness, this teacher says it impacted students like few other presentations.

Responses from

New Milford NJ High School

—March 25, 2022


Epic North High School

200 students from South Richmond Hill, New York, will attended a Breaking the Cycle Assembly on June 2, featuring Pat & AnnMarie D'Aliso and Hashim Garrett. Our speakers addressed suicide prevention, conflict resolution and cyberbullying.


Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72

Pat & AnnMarie D'Aliso, Patti Ann McDonald and Hashim Garrett spoke to 200 6-8th grade students in Jamaica, NY on Tuesday May 10.  They addressed problems the students are facing, such as fighting, bullying and teasing.

The presentation and testimonies were absolutely valuable to our students and staff. —Catherine Johnson, Educational Assistant


Lodi NJ High School

On Friday, April 8, 2022,  Pat & AnnMarie D'Aliso will address 220 11th graders about their son Pat's suicide in an in-person assembly. Following the D'Alisos, Chief Charles Williams will talk about his search for peace after a difficult childhood. All three speakers will address situations involving bullying, anxiety, depression, loneliness and peer pressure.


New Milford NJ High School

On Friday March 25 Pat & AnnMarie D'Aliso and Chief Charles Williams will speak to 604 students: the 9th grade in person and the other grades by live stream.

Principal Lou Manuppelli wants the message to be heard that forgiveness must play a role in the students' path to the next chapter in their lives.


Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School

Breaking the Cycle's Hashim Garrett and Pat & AnnMarie D'Aliso spoke to 400 7th graders on Friday March 11. Xiomara Baxter, Anti-bullying Coordinator, organized this assembly on challenges in daily life, vaping, and bullying.