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Breaking the Cycle


Who we are

Breaking the Cycle presents award-winning assemblies that feature personal stories of overcoming conflict through forgiveness . Our assemblies fulfill DASA and SAVE requirements and come at no cost to your school. Our speakers offer solutions to the following issues that face our youth today: counter school violence, end bullying and racism, promote self-respect and respect for others, address alcohol and drug addiction.

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These students seemed truly inspired. Thank you for being instruments of peace and non-violence and making sure that as many as possible hear that forgiveness is the answer.

John F. Didden
Principal, W. C. Mepham High School

The speakers were so personable and non-finger waving. It was refreshing to our students when I asked their opinions. Thank you for providing such a quality program to our students; we are very grateful.

The touching remarks were so well received that numerous students have responded positively and encouraged others to read the words of the book "Why Forgive" and act on them.

Michael Tierney
Superintendent of Schools, Dover Union Free School District

Marcia B. Rochester
Dean, Westbury High School

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