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Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Through Forgiveness

Breaking the Cycle presents award-winning assemblies that feature personal stories of overcoming conflict through forgiveness. Our assemblies, whether in-person or live online, support your schools' social-emotional learning goals – and can come at no cost to your school, although donations are welcome. Our speakers present examples of core competencies such as  social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making from their own lives, which readily elicit discussion opportunities in the classroom.

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“Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.”

—Corrie Ten Boom


Social-emotional learning

A panel of dynamic speakers present solutions to:

  • Counteract school violence, bullying and racism
  • Recognize depression and suicide
  • Promote self-respect and respect for others

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What is Breaking the Cycle?

Let our speakers help your students develop the foundational emotional skills needed to resolve conflict and build healthy relationships in today's challenging social environment.


How We Got Started

Colleen McVey of CFN Live interviews Heinrich Arnold, son of the founder of Breaking the Cycle, who speaks of his father's legacy.

Responses from

May 16, 2024

PS 28 Elizabeth NJ


PS 28 Paterson, NJ

May 24 we were in Paterson, NJ, speaking to the 6-8 grades at Paterson School #28. Hashim Garrett and Chief Williams told their stories to encourage and educate the students about conflict resolution, bullying, and when to ask for help. The Passaic County Sherriff's office sent several representatives to support our speakers.

Detective Bugg said her "cousin was shot and killed right outside here. You need to think, what can I do to become the change. The decisions that you make, they start here. Move forward and do the right thing."


PS 28 Elizabeth NJ

On May 16 Sergio Argueta and Chief Williams spoke at Juan Pablo Duarte —José Julián Martí School No 28 in Elizabeth NJ, to 300  6th-8th grade students gathered around lunch tables.



Brentwood High School

Friday April 19, Breaking the Cycle was at Brentwood NY High School. 250 10th - 12th grade students crowded the auditorium to hear Sergio Argueta and Hashim Garrett tell their stories.

There are some of you here that will not let out the baggage and burdens that you and your friends are carrying. You keep going to funerals and you got to look at yourselves and stop it. You are ones who can stop it. —Sergio Argueta


Eldred Jr Sr High School

On April 11 we were in Eldred NY, at Eldred Junior Senior High School. Chief Williams, Hashim Garrett, and Jim Whittel told their stories to the students.

"I found myself being angry at the world and not caring about myself. I was in a dark space. You are in an environment where people care about you. Don't keep things bottled up like I did." —Hashim Garrett


Kingston High School

Breaking the Cycle presented an assembly at Kingston High School on April 9, 2024. Sergio Argueta and Randi Keldar told 400 10th grade students their stories, and shared coping strategies for student conflicts.

I watched my parents suffer. When people struggle with these things they don't know how how they got in or how to get out. He did rehab but never really recovered. We all have to go through something...You can't run away from your problems. —Randi Kelder