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Stories of Forgiveness


Why Forgive?

brings together survivors of crime, betrayal, bigotry, and abuse - and ordinary men and women plagued by everyday strife. Not all are ready to forgive. But all are determined not to let anger, bitterness, and despair control their lives. Together, their stories will challenge and encourage others wherever they are on the road to healing.

"A most impressive book…so powerful that tears often impede reading."

Why Forgive?

"A much-needed message not only for South Africa, but for the whole world."

Why Forgive?

Thought-provoking and soul-challenging… Arnold writes with an eye-opening simplicity that zings the heart.

Why Forgive?


Houston Chronicle

Nelson Mandela

ALA Booklist (Starred Review)

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Classroom Discussion Topics

Spark a Social-Emotional Learning classroom discussion before or after a Breaking the Cycle assembly using the questions in this downloadable document.