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School Administrators


Anti Bullying Specialist, Etta Gero Middle School

Each year you've managed to impact our students to make healthier decisions and encourage our staff to remain hopeful and passionate in our work.  Thank you so much Hashim and Sergio for your moving testimonies; we the staff and students of Lincoln Middle School of Passaic appreciate your words of encouragement and love.


Principal, Northwestern Regional High School

I wish I could take those precious moments and the positive energy that we shared as one people, with a common vision of a better world, and bottle it up and sell it as a tonic to people who have lost their way about what is truly important in this world. Your program helped our kids see a clear path to a happier life and a better world where all the world's people feel supported and cared for.

These students seemed truly inspired. Thank you for being instruments of peace and non-violence and making sure that as many as possible hear that forgiveness is the answer.

John F. Didden
Principal, W. C. Mepham High School

The speakers were so personable and non-finger waving. It was refreshing to our students when I asked their opinions. Thank you for providing such a quality program to our students; we are very grateful.

Michael Tierney
Superintendent of Schools, Dover Union Free School District


The touching remarks were so well received that numerous students have responded positively and encouraged others to read the words of the book "Why Forgive" and act on them.

Marcia B. Rochester
Dean, Westbury High School


JASON MIRAMANT Principal, Brookside School New Britain, CT

I just have a simple thank you. My students in New Britain have had the opportunity on more than one occasion to experience the Breaking the Cycle assembly.  You all are an inspiring group of people with a powerful message that so many benefit from hearing.  Thank You!


PHYLLIS MARINO Principal, Bayard Rustin High School for the Humanities

On behalf of the students and staff here, please allow me to thank you for your visit and presentation.Your presentation was truly unique in that you are challenging our youngsters to practice non-violence from the perspective of forgiveness. I know that this is an approach that students do not often encounter. The students and staff were overwhelmed. Their classroom teachers had follow-up discussions on the program as well as the books distributed.

Law Enforcement

I would like to personally thank you for inviting me to participate in your Non-Violent Conflict Resolution through Forgiveness Assembly at the Walkill Senior High School. Your support has made a positive contribution to the community. You can take pride in knowing that through you and your organizations time, efforts, and generosity you have helped guide young people to make good choices.

Gregory A. Crisci

James Murtagh
Deputy Inspector

As Commanding Officer of the NYPD's 20th Precinct. I would like to personally thank you for extending your invitation to the "Breaking The Cycle" assembly with Detective Steven McDonald at Brandeis High School. It was a great Pleasure for my officers and me to be able to share the experience with you and the students.


Your story really opened my eyes. I used to hold grudges and not forgive easily. I really was interested in what you said. It opened my eyes with who I should trust and who to hang out with. When I forgive now I think back to what you told us and, it felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.



You have shown me that forgiveness is very important and that holding grudges and staying mad doesn’t help anyone. I hope that you keep on going to schools because I feel that by talking to teenagers you have the power to save and change many lives.



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